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How do we rate our wines? Here are a few quick facts and guidelines to know.


If you are looking at the Tasting Notes and click on the vault link you can easily find great value wines by searching for QPR, which means quality price ratio. All wines that we label as QPR mean that they are great or stunning wines for an affordable price, generally under $50.00. 


You can also search for wines by price. Here is how we separate them out:

$ - Under $25.00

$$ - Over $25.00 and under $65.00

$$$ - Over $65.00 and under $150.00

$$$$ - Over $150.00 and under $225.00

$$$$$ - Over $225.00


You can easily search by: Country, Region, Vintage, Varietals or just ask us a question. 


We hope this helps! Let us know by commenting or contacting us through the Contact Us tab!